Is Bats Deals free to use?

Yes! BatsDeals is FREE to use and join. There are no membership fees to participate.

Is Bats Deals a store? Am I buying the deals from you?

No. There’s no shopping cart on our site because we don’t sell anything ourselves. We’re the friend who tells you where and how to get the best deals on the things you want and need. That’s it!

When you click on one of our deals, you’re whisked away to Amazon, or Walmart, or Ebay, or one of the thousands of retailers we work with. Once you get there, you can get the deal for yourself, but you’re buying it from them, not us. Since you are never buying anything directly from us, we don’t have access to your order information or sensitive financial info like credit card numbers.

It also means that despite our best efforts to confirm that a retailer has enough inventory, the best deals sometimes sell out. That’s not a scam – just supply and demand. We always take these deals down once we know they’re no longer available. We take our deal quality pretty seriously. If a deal isn’t working out for you, then it isn’t doing us any favors, either. Just leave a comment on the deal and we’ll follow up.

If you don’t sell anything, then how does Bats Deals make money?

Whenever you buy something we mention in one of our deals, or use one of our coupons, we may get a small commission on the sale. Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect the price you pay. That’s a fee the retailer pays us as a thank you for sending you their way.

Summing all of that up for you:

  • Bats Deals is not a scam – we’ve been in business since 2010.
  • We tell you where to find deals, but you don’t buy anything from us.
  • We do not collect order or credit card information.
  • We may get a commission if you purchase something through one of our deals.
  • We’re always happy to help you troubleshoot any issues.
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